NC PRSA Inspire Seminar

NC PRSA Inspire SeminarBy Stephanie Faucher

I had the opportunity to attend the NC PRSA Inspire Seminar and Awards held on NC State’s campus at the Mckimmon Center in September.

The opportunity to interact with industry professionals from the Raleigh and surrounding areas and hear their take on the constantly changing world of Public Relations was amazing.

Each speaker addressed different topics centered around one main theme. One topic I really enjoyed was, “To know what direction you must take with a campaign, you first have to know your audience.”

The first speaker was Tania Richardson from Redhat who specializes in global talent acquisition. She spoke about finding your so what, whether it be with yourself, with a campaign, or other aspects of working with clients.

Secondly, we heard from Karen Albritton and Angela Connor of Capstrat. From their presentation, I was really caught by their discussion of the market fragmentation and the different ways each audience must be reached. Also their belief that the idea has to be bigger than the tactic itself struck me as important when there are so many possibilities.

This was followed by a discussion of classic v. contemporary. The interesting point in this was to not forget about traditional forms of media in the constant quest for the latest and greatest type of public relations. The principles of story telling and advertising remain the same that it must be compelling and emotional.

Finally, we heard from French, West, and Vaughn representatives about the emergence of brand journalism, the latest trend of creating a multimedia platform to showcase content that appeals to people that want the brand. Reverse engineering is key to effectively helping and developing a brand. For them they said that the most important aspect of this is that everyone has a story that is relevant and what does your audience need or want that you can uniquely answer.

This event opened my eyes to aspects of the field I hadn’t looked at fully beforehand. While professors are an amazing resource for us as students, the ability to listen to and speak with people who are working daily in the field rather than just theoretical work was helpful. It brought up topics that are still being integrated into class curriculum in a way that also incorporated real world examples.

I would highly recommend to any student in public relations currently to consider attending this event next year, not only to network, but to get a grasp on the world outside the classroom that we will be joining all too soon.

For more information on NCPRSA visit:


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