Join NC State PRSSA to Become a Leader in Your Field

By Miriam Roochvarg

NC State Public Relations Student Society of America PRSSANC State University Public Relations Student Society of America (NC State PRSSA) provides students with opportunities to network and build relationships which helps us to secure internships. The quality work experiences we receive enable us to show prospective employers what we are able to accomplish for them.

Public relations encompasses different media, writing and marketing skills. NC State PRSSA invites professionals from area businesses and nonprofit organizations to share their expertise with our NC State PRSSA members.

NC State PRSSA collaborates with NC State Marketing, S&A Communications firm and corporate communicators at IT giants such as Red Hat. “We want you to learn from the best in the industry at our meetings” says NC State PRSSA member Miriam Roochvarg.

Take advantage of these opportunities and gain job experience before many of your peers. By joining Red Wolf PR, PRSSA’s student run PR firm, you will have the opportunity to use your writing, graphic design, and other skills to help clients with projects. You will have the chance to learn and accomplish a wide variety of communication related skills. Red Wolf PR offers NC State students with the opportunity to build a varied portfolio to share with prospective employers. Many employers expect a variety of work experience before they hire you.

Join NC State PRSSA and Red Wolf PR to become a leader in your field.


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