A Spotlight on Kelly Cutrone


By: Stefani Castro

“America’s Next Top Model”, “The Hills”, and “The City” are just a few of the many shows Kelly Cutrone has been associated with in the past couple of years.

Kelly Cutrone moved to New York around the 80’s where she experimented with a variety of careers. She went from assistant for a well-known publicist to tarot reader, and eventually was able to score a record deal with Atlantic Records.

In her 20’s she married her first husband who was Andy Warhol’s protégé, artist Ronnie Cutrone, and by that time she had set up her own PR company. She later sold half of her company to move to California.

In 1996 Cutrone founded People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution has grown to be one of the most powerful fashion PR companies in the world, having worked with designers such as Valentino, Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood. People’s Revolution currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

When asked why she named her company People’s Revolution, Cutrone stated, “not because I’m a communist- a popular misconception- but because I happen to believe the world will change only when we change ourselves.”


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